Cold Winter 2017 Looks For Women

In this post are shown great outfit ideas you can use during cold Winter 2017. Right now isn’t such a freezy day, but sooner or later you gonna cry, looking for warm clothes. Most of you think you will have to give up on style, once the cold weather knocks your door. Trust me, there are multiple ways how to make your outfit look creative and unique during Winter days.


What can be better than a fur jacket teamed with an embroidered chiffon black top and dark green knife-pleated midi skirt? Add a vintage brown leather bag and embroidered pair of green leather booties.

Great style during winter months is very possible, just make sure you follow these tricks and stay warm. If there is one important rule to follow, then it’s becoming a layering pro. Like it or not, but layering is always on-trend. Don’t be afraid adding layers, think of a turtleneck worn under a cardigan, under a warm jacket or coat. Yes, you are free to go for a dress over pants or a skirt over trousers. If you want to create a layered look without anyone noticing it, then you can either go for a total monochrome look or use slimmer and form-fitting garments under normal clothes.

Have fun with white clothes by wearing a pair of white trousers, ribbed knit sweater and down jacket with rainbow stripes. Complete this look with white handbag, high-platform gold slip-on shoes:


A classic outfit for New York City street walks. You will need a salmon red short-sleeve sweater layered over white necktie blouse and black coated skinny jeans. Add black leather booties and a printed coat:


Looking for a casual look that works for streets wear and home parties? You will need a yellow sweater, ripped skinnies, Chelsea boots and classic green hooded parka:


Uggs are ideal for women who want to keep safe during cold Winter days. Try them on with a simple pastel turquoise T-shirt, white sweater, charcoal jeans and dark blue beanie:


Gray-beige trousers are complemented with a cream-gray turtleneck sweater and cozy cardigan:


A gorgeous evening outfit. It comes with a sequined silver sleeveless top, black pencil skirt and fur jacket in black color:


Another casual style for young ladies. You will need a pair of blue jeans, white T-shirt, and pink hooded down jacket. Complete this look with a pair of pink trainers:


Black skinnies with coated details are paired with a high-neck relaxed fit sweater. Add chunky ankle boots in black leather and rounded sunglasses:


How about looking through women after 30 Winter looks that are both formal and eye-catching. Skinny jeans in cream-white can be worn with a black sweater in floral print. Add pink Uggs and matching color down jacket to complete this outfit:


A mannish touch is felt in this look. We see a sleeveless cream gray sweater, black slim jeans, suede black shoes and brown leather aviator jacket:


Pink goes massively! A knife-pleated midi skirt ideally matches pink fur coat:


This red down jacket will be a perfect layering piece. Wear it with cozy knitwear and skinny jeans:


A sexy smart-casual outfit is great for underlining your individuality. You will need a pair of black leather skinnies, beige high boots, elongated cream-white sweater and a mustard sleeveless coat with a fur collar:






Black leather boots ideally match this classic office style attire:


Turtleneck sweater dress in pink color can be updated with a pair of glossy black leather ankle boots. Add black biker inspired coat to complete this outfit:


You should buy a statement footwear. It can be a pair of over-the-knee boots, slouchy high boots, solid color booties, or snow boots for casual walks in the town. I personally love to see women who belt their coats, this simple detail gives their outerwear pieces new life. Cinching the waist of your coat will make it look individual and very special. Have fun with fur or faux fur clothes and outerwear. This lush piece will give your look an instant upgrade. Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention headwear. You should definitely invest in a statement hat. It can be a cozy headscarf, trapper hat, beanie or any other hat which can cover your ears. Use scarves to experiment with your looks. I am telling you, the following outfit ideas gonna be your most wanted Winter essentials!

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