Skirt Suits For Women Over 50

If you wish to know what skirt suits you can try on this year if you are over 50, then I am here to show you fabulous collection of my favorite skirtsuit designs. I tell you honestly, when I pull on skirtsuit, I automatically start to feel myself much more younger.

We see a perfect suit for working ladies. It consist of black blazer and pencil skirt completed in white dots. You can add pastel-blue shirt and pointed-toe light brown pumps, black leather handbag, stud earrings and silver watches.

I think every lady in her fifties wants to look a bit younger, am I right? I am not some-kind of magician, but I will try my best to show you how to look current, cool and confident. It’s no surprise that our bodies and faces have changed over the decades, that’s why we need to think of go-to-pieces that can make you look smart, youthful, appropriate and energetic! Forget fashion rules and take a tour through this collection of women’s skirtsuits that are ideal for those who are over fifty.

Thinking of something trendy and cool? Try on this navy-blue skirt-suit in cute rose floral print. You can also add shiny blue metallic lace-up slip-ons, mirrored rounded shades and clutch bag embellished with mosaic:

All in white? Why not! Here we see a lovely suit that consists of ribbed knit white cardi-blazer, sleeveless white blouse, midi white pencil skirt and peep-toe heeled striped white booties:

Keep things retro inspired. Go for light maroon checkered skirtsuit. It can be worn with white t-shirt, structured handbag and brown leather pumps:

Dark brown skirtsuit looks professional and easy to style. Try it on with white button-down shirt, grey-blue satchel bag and glossy black pointed-toe heeled pumps:

Tartan blue-red suit looks trendy and festive. You can compliment it with red neck-tie blouse, glossy red pumps and bright red leather structured handbag:

Dark brown wool skirt-suit embellished with golden buttons looks classy and easy to wear. Complete it with dark brown leather tote bag and matching color block-heeled pumps:

Keep it retro inspired! Here we see a cute blush plaid print tweed skirtsuit ideal for wearing to work and special occasions. Complete it with block-heeled blush pumps and cute matching color handbag:

White dotted black skirtsuit can be updated with a striped shirt and leopard print pointed-toe heeled pumps. Don’t forget to add black leather handbag and pretty jewelry:

Retro style tweed skirtsuit will be an ideal match for your weekend! Try it on with a pretty plaid print clutch bag, rounded black sunglasses and chic hat:

Here we see a powerful skirtsuit that consists of blue sweater, front-buttoned blue skirt and checkered blazer:

Cream-white peplum skirtsuit can be updated with a printed neck-tie blouse and brown leather heeled pumps and dark brown leather handbag:

Shiny silken blue pencil skirt can be updated with a striped blazer, navy-blue pointed-toe heeled pumps and cream-white floppy hat:

Knitted black blazer can be worn atop printed blouse tucked in black pencil skirt. You can also add pointed-toe heeled pumps in black-blush color:

Here we see a deep brown skirt teamed with neck-tie cream-beige sleeveless blouse and peplum brown blazer. You can add cute retro pumps and brown leather handbag:

Classic black skirtsuit will be an ideal match! Team it with blush strappy heeled sandals and cute jewelry:

We see a midi printed pencil skirt teamed with a structured red blazer with diagonal zip-closure. You can add suede grey handbag and matching color pumps:

Play with colors! Try on this dark blue blazer, ruffled orange blouse, printed pleated skirt and dark blue fedora hat:

Printed skirtsuit is an ideal choice for making you look great. Complete it with white turtleneck, dusted green handbag, printed gloves and suede black ankle-boots:

Beige-grey skirtsuit is a perfect match for wearing under grey poncho. You can add matte metallic pumps and cream-grey handbag:

A printed slim-fit skirtsuit ideally matches this dark green high-neck slim sweater:

Nothing beats classy black skirtsuit! Try it on with black blouse and heeled pumps:

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