Stylish Ways to Wear Backpacks In 2017: Exciting Combos To Try Now

If you are lack of ideas on what to wear, then maybe you should think of adding funky accessories? In this blog post I want to share with you the most coolest and stylish ways how to wear backpacks. You are about to find exciting combos to try in 2017. What I love the most about this functional bag, it’s the practical side allowing you to carry all your must-haves and essentials. This might one of those items you can carry almost every day. Today’s fashion brands offer us bright and bold color designs, as well as vibrantly printed and leather versions that can be teamed with almost every look. The options are endless, so you better take a close-up look through these ideas.

We see a nylon black backpack that can be used for casual days and during short travelings. You can try on a high-neck black sleeveless crop top and high-waisted light blue skinnies. Don’t forget about comfortable footwear, you can try brown-black brogues. Another cool accessories would be a black wide-brim hat and nerd rounded eyeglasses.

When it feels grunge and rock-punk! You can give a try to long cream-grey pullover printed in black batman logos, sexy black leather leggings with transparent detailing, chic black leather lace-up boots and studded black leather bucket-backpack:

Satchel rucksack in vintage brown leather with front patch pocket looks awesome and original:

Another way to underline your grunge touch is to try on this matte black leather satchel rucksack. Style it with black top with spaghetti straps tucked in white floral black mini skirt:

A quilted black leather rucksack is a perfect choice for girls who want to create back-to-school look! Think of khaki-olive bomber, black denim mini skirt, short T-shirt and black sneakers with white laces:

Basic white T-shirt can be updated with patched black leather mini skirt, cool silvery-white hi-top trainers and grey-black backpack made of leather:

Floral tank top will be an ideal match to these high-waisted black denim shorts, draped cream-beige vest and black leather rucksack with patch pockets:

Do you love emojis? If yes, then how much? We see a printed rucksack printed in various smiles, cool white tank top, ripped and cuffed washed blue boyfriend jeans and lace-up white slip-ons:

Black leather rucksack embellished with shiny-golden studs is an ideal addition to this color-blocking wool cardi-coat, black sweater in white Christmas print, black skinnies and black suede boots. All in black, why not:

Pastel tribal print backpack will be a nice addition to almost any casual outfit. Try it on with white T-shirt, washed blue skinnies, crispy white lace-up slip-ons and sexy cat-eye sunglasses:

Black sweater in a relaxed fit will be an ideal addition to this grey wrap skirt, chunky black leather sandals and matte black leather rucksack:

Camouflage printed bra top looks fresh and modern. Try it on with navy-blue A-line skirt-culottes, shiny navy-blue bomber jacket, dark blue fedora hat and espadrille sandals:

Mid-rise black skinnies are perfect for creating almost any kind of look. How about teaming them with black-white striped slouchy T-shirt, black Converse hi-top trainers and black leather rucksack. Don’t forget to add cool rounded cat-eye sunnies:

Another way to keep things grunge and punk inspired. We see ripped black mid-rise skinnies, cream-gey hoodie, black leather biker jacket, black leather Converse shoes, bucket style black leather rucksack and original rounded black sunglasses:

Checkered white sleeveless crop top is an ideal match for teaming with these white high-waisted skinnies. Complete this combo by adding blush leather backpack, white-pink sneakers and rounded sunglasses in white frame:

Want to make everyone look at your backpack? Try on this dark blue leather version. You outfit may include light pink crop tank top, blue denim shorts and grey leather shearling aviator jacket:

White dotted black rucksack embellished with a turquoise bow looks unique and feminine. How about wearing it with a black V-neck sleeveless dress, abstract print multi-colored flat pumps:

Khaki-green draped jacket will be an ideal cover-up to this black-white striped T-shirt, black skinnies and black leather combat boots. Complete this outfit by adding matte black leather rucksack:

How girlish are you? This is a kind of nerd style look that consists of chunky black leather sandals, cuffed boyfriend jeans in washed blue color, Star Wars printed tee and pastel-violet leather rucksack with patch pockets:

Darken blue regular fit jeans can be updated with cream-grey cropped sleeveless top, chunky platform heeled ankle-boots and classy black rucksack:

A simple combo consisting of striped tee and denim shortalls can be updated with a cute miniature rucksack and pastel-blue trainers:

White dotted dark blue backpack looks sweet and feminine! Try it on with a navy-blue spaghetti strap top, basic white T-shirt and cuffed washed blue denim shorts, don’t forget to add white trainers:

Sliced pizza printed T-shirt in grey color looks fun and simple. Try it on with washed grey skinnies, cool sneakers and black leather bag:

Basic combo consisting of white tee and grey sweatshorts looks awesome completed with a muted turquoise backpack:

Some girls want to keep things classy. That’s why they choose black leather rucksack, striped long-sleeve tops, cream-beige trench coats, dark blue slim jeans and white kicks:

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