Women Over 50 Will Love Parka Jacket Outfit Ideas

Forget everything about fashion that someone once taught you. In this post, I will try my best to show you incredible parka jacket outfit ideas you can try in your fifties. I gathered my favorite parkas for you! As you can see, there are numerous of awesome ways how to make this big topper look great on you.


A light khaki green parka ideally matches this gray sweatshirt teamed with mustard-brown tailored pants and blue pointed-toe pumps.

Here we see a light brown topper worn atop white sweater teamed with washed blue jeans tucked in light brown leather boots:


Another functional parka in khaki green color with patch pockets can be an ideal choice for wearing with a slouchy white Christmas sweater, cuffed indigo jeans and cream-beige suede ankle-boots:


Shearling parka in elongated silhouette can be topped over funky sweater teamed with green leather trousers and white trainers:


Beige-brown topper ideally suits this cable knit cream-white sweater paired with grey-blue jeans and lace-up hiking boots:


Dark green outerwear ideally suits this beige V-neck sweater paired with safari beige jeans and plaid print rainboots:


Green parka with black leather sleeves looks incredibly awesome worn atop slouchy black top teamed with black leather pants:


White parka matches these ripped washed-blue skinnies and grey sweater:


You can find lots of cool ideas how to wear parka jackets for women over 40 by clicking on that link. Grey version can be an ideal choice for wearing atop white turtleneck teamed with washed-blue flared jeans and suede blue ankle-boots:


Here we see suede light brown shorts paired with dust blush sweater and green parka:


Khaki green parka with an asymmetric zip-closure is worn with classic sweater, ripped jeans and Chelsea boots:


Another cool-looking parka with leather sleeves is styled with black top and washed blue jeans:


That’s a marvelous combo for city walks. We see black fitted outerwear piece worn atop lip-print white sweater paired with plaid print trousers and cool shiny silvery kicks:


Shearling khaki green parka can be worn atop turtleneck white sweater styled with blue jeans and muted red loafers:


All in black combo is updated with khaki-beige parka:


Here we see all in one shade look. In love with its simplicity:


A big parka in green color is worn atop cream-black-cream striped sweater styled with skinny jeans and dark brown boots:


Blue parka in quilted design will be an ideal match for teaming with white sweater and lace black skirt:




Don’t be afraid to break an age-appropriate rule! Parka is a timeless piece that looks pretty chic on everyone, no matter if you are a boy, guy, man, girl, lady, woman or granny! I decided to show you my favorite ways on how to style your parka in real life. It’s very important to try as many parkas as you can before you buy one! Also, before making any purchase, it’s important to scan your closet and see what is in your wardrobe. You should take a close up look through your existing apparel and think how to style it with your parka. Just think of different ways to wear this jacket. I do love to see women wearing parkas with classy jeans, midi skirts, shorts, chinos and floral dresses. Trust me, there is nothing hard in creating a well-balanced ensemble, all you need is just a bit of patience!

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